Amore Signature H2 Body Treatment

This is the ultimate body treatment! We

begin with a full body Korean Scrub to

exfoliate the skin and then we cleanse the

body with an aromatic seaweed body

shampoo. Next you will enjoy a wonderful

H2 Aromatherapy Massage to melt all those

knots away in addition to a, rejuvenating

essential oil scalp massage that will instantly

lift your spirits. Your face is then massaged

with toxin releasing strokes and, a puriying

facial mask is applied to refresh and tighten

the pores. After an aromatherapy hair

shampoo and rinse, luxurious body soothing

warm milk is applied. You are sure to enjoy

this treatment that is exclusive to us and not

available anywhere else.             

1 hour 45 min $130     

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

We begin this treatment with a grapefruit body

shampoo to gently cleanse your skin. Then we

use brown sugar infused with precious oils to

exfoliate the skin; this exfoliating provides

stimulating benefits and hydration to lackluster

skin. Brown sugar is famous for its healing

properties so even those with sensitive or acne

prone skin can benefit from this healing treatment.

After a thorough facial cleansing, you may choose

between a freshly grated cucumber mask or a

soothing rose mask. Warm sugar water is then

used to rinse the body and we finish with a hair

wash and conditioning treatment.

40 min $70                         

Chocolate Mousse Wrap

This treatment is decadent! First you will recieve

a chocolate body shampoo to gently cleanse and

prepare the skin. Second, a chocolate body scrub

will be used to exfoliate your skin before we finish

with a full-body chocolate wrap. Your skin will be

left soft and silky smooth.                              

40 min $70


Steamy Wonder

Using a sugar or salt scrub, the Steamy Wonder

helps increase circulation and improves texture

and feel of the skin by surrounding the body in

warm steam. Your skin will be deeply cleansed,

polished and softened to perfection, leaving the

skin glowing and vibrant.                                                                             

40 min $70


Microdermabrasion Exfoliate ( Manually exfoliate body)

This method of skin exfoliation is the most natural way to

safely and evenly exfoliate skin without chemicals or lasers.

Our technicians manually and fine crystals to

resurface superficial layers of the skin.

50 min $159


Coconut Body Treatment

1) Coconut Suger Body exforiet. 

2) Coconut Oil Body Wrap in Heat body cover.

3) Mini Chocolate Facial.

Coconut oil benefits for your skin!

: in addition to moisturizing your skin,

 coconut oil also helps your skin work better.

 The fatty acids in the coconut oil reinforce the

 skins natural lipid barrier, promoting hydration,

 locking in moisture, and giving you a healthier

 and more beautiful skin.

60 min $ 115












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